Cause of you [MV] – JEVICE

Just found this on YT and woah their voices are amazing *^* Usually female voices don’t impress me much but there are exceptions once in a while ♥


I (Mine) [1st Mini Album] – JaeJoong (Hero) [JYJ]

I was SO about to write DBSK in the brackets :<

Back then I liked JaeJoong the best out of DBSK but now.. well they’re all pretty good in general so I wonder who’s my favourite by now …

1. One Kiss

English can make songs awkward…

2. Mine MV

This MV really made me shiver ö.ö I mean it … JaeJoong omg ! ♥ Q__Q

03. You fill me up 내안 가득히

04. Healing for myself 나만의 위로

His voice *^*


Re:Blue [Album] – CNBlue

So in love with CNBlue again ♥ *Q* YongHwa so talented !! ♥

Track List:
01. I’m Sorry
02. Coffee Shop
03. 나 그대보다
04. 나란 남자
05. 라라라
06. Where You Are (English ver.)


01. I’m Sorry MV

Addicted to this song ♥ //D Love YongHwa’s voice *Q*

CNBlue looks best in blue jeans imo xD idk why //D

02. Coffee Shop

Already though that this is going to be a hip hop song while listening to the first seconds xD What’s wrong with me ? xD I need a coffee !♥ xD

03. More than You 나 그대보다

04. Man Like Me 나란 남자

05. 라라라

I love these kinds of Intros *Q* *melting within the first 5 seconds *~*

06. Where You Are (English ver.)

I really wish their English would be a bit better ! >.< They improved a lot but there’s still a bit to go :3 Fighting CNBlue, I really love your songs ♥